What is Klash ?

- a Karaoke player 100 % developped in Flash
- reads MP3 sound files and LRC lyrics files
- works both in a web browser or as a standalone flash executable
- the window is resizable : with Klash, you can both add a karaoke in a small corner of your web site or have fullscreen karaokes

Some examples of use:

- standard karaoke for music
- educative purposes for learning foreign languages (Example 1 and example 2)

Associated software:

- for creating LRC lyrics files, you can use A2 media player
- for editing time tags of your LRC lyrics file, you can use our online LRC editor


- as KLASH is written in Flash, it only accepts UTF-8 encoded text files. Therefore you must convert your standard-ASCII LRC lyrics files into UTF-8. You can do it for example with the notepad by opening your ASCII file and then choose "File->Save As" and specify "Coding: UTF-8", and that's done !

- the "highlight current word" option causes the button to be quite hard to respond to user clicks. Just avoid activating this option and everything will be OK.


- any question ? send a message at: pag06 HAT laposte . net (where HAT = @)